About Tom Horton

All great things start unintentionally, and that could be truer when it comes to Tom Horton's musical career. Tom started playing the Electronic Organ when he was nine years old when his grandparents (whom were both self taught amateurs) updated their organ. This new digital instrument caught Tom's eye and after asking if he could have a go on it he was told that he could, but he would have to learn to play properly. Little did Tom know, that he was beginning some that would change his life forever.

He started by learning "Merrily We Roll Along" from the Kenneth Baker series and was taught by his grandparents for a about a year after. He then attended the Yamaha Music School in Lowestoft, Suffolk and under the tuition of his organ teacher he obtained many grades with the London College of Music and Associated Board of the Royal School of Music in both performance and theory, passing all his exams with very high marks. In 2001 Tom took his DipLCM diploma with the London College and passed this exam with an amazing 95 marks out of a possible 100! He currently holds an ALCM diploma with the London College of Music.

Tom Horton

Tom's love of the cinema organ began at the age of twelve, with a visit to the Mechanical Music Museum at Cotton, Suffolk where he was allowed a ten-minute play on the Wurlitzer organ. After being heard by the museums resident organist, he was given some hints and tips on theatre organ playing.

In 2000, Tom won the UK Young Theatre Organist of the Year award, conferred upon by the American Theatre Organ Society, UK chapter.

Since becoming a professional musician in 2001, Tom has had a very varied musical career. As well as concerts and teaching, he has held the position of piano teacher at a private boarding school, has written & arranged exam music for the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM), as well as playing at numerous weddings, services and many other musical events.

Hear Tom play the Cotton Wurlitzer

Tom at the Lowrey organ

Tom Horton is on a lifelong mission to popularise the organ whatever its type to new audiences. This idea is shared by a large number of professional organists around the world, who aim to kill 'stone dead' the stereotypical image of the organist, a person who many think simply bashes out hymns and hides at the organ behind a stone pillar in church!

Since 2005 Tom has been performing on Lowrey organs at his electronic organ concerts. Tom believes firmly that Lowrey is an organ company with its customer's best interest at heart. Fine, solid wood cabinets and cutting edge technology make Lowrey organs the hobby organist's first choice.
Tom is proud of his long association with the UK Lowrey importer and dealer, Allens Music Centre, Gt Yarmouth, Norfolk, UK.

To hear Tom perform is a unique musical experience.